We are Tealfox

We believe that besides profit orientation, the most important thing is to live a fulfilled life through work and contribute to a society worth living in.

Mariola Wittek Mourao

With my work, I help people gain the insight and the experience that their companies are not a given and that they have the opportunity - regardless of their position - to change them for the better. I am excited to see how, as a result, collective potentials flourish in the world of work.

Stella Willborn

For me agility is an attitude, not a method, which is closely connected to the fundamental values of our human nature: self-determination, responsibility, appreciation and empathy. In order to anchor this attitude and live it through methods, I create the necessary spaces in companies.

Alexander Gebhardt - Euler

Driven by my unwavering passion for understanding human excellence in all its facets and for sparking it in the individual, my focus is creating a willingness for collaborative performance in an environment with value-based leadership.  

Teresa Tänzer

For me, coaching is a creative process on a par with my client. In the process, I provide food for thought and suggestions on how my client can fully exploit his or her personal and professional potential. The sentence “What is, may be. And what may be, can change” is my tenor as a coach.

Ralph Schmidt

I believe that healthy systems follow a balanced rhythm between deceleration and acceleration. In order for people in organizations to be able and willing to develop their potential in a sustainable way, it is very important to me to align working methods with this rhythm. For me, sustainability then manifests itself in a new quality of effectiveness and sense perception.

Gian-Luigi Borasio

As a business consultant, my focus is on the human side of organizations: the people and the culture. Based on my many years of experience from projects in different countries, I know: a good strategy, professional change management and coaching are three effective levers for sustainable change

Stella Lehn

Accompanying people with their (life) questions towards new solutions, ideas and strategies is a great pleasure and an honorable task for me. I am a coach with my heart, body and mind. My inner motivation that drives me forward: A deep interest in being (human). And I belief that with our resources and abilities, we are able to shape our way of being.

Sabine Weber

As an accountant, I love numbers and organizing them in a way so that they become meaningful and interpretable. I love creating the basis for business decisions. As an assistant, it gives me great pleasure to support Tealfox behind the scenes and thus pursue my passion.
What kind of clients do you support?

Start-ups and young companies

Start-ups experience fast growth under high pressure. The family-like structure, consisting of the founder and employees from the very beginning, has to be extended with the growing number of employees by suitable structures and processes. From our experience, we know that fewer Start-ups pursue a classical top-down hierarchy, but rather look for intelligent organizational systems, in order to develop the most important competitiveness factors (employees, innovation, dynamics).

Mid-sized companies

Mid-sized companies, especially those in the IT-sector, struggle to find specialists. Therefore the main task for HR is to recruit talents, to develop them and tie them to the company. The key to that is an organizational culture that offers a space in which employees can flourish through further development.

Incubators, joint ventures and spin-offs

Lastly, we also know the world of large corporations and understand what it means when a young system needs to establish itself in a larger organizational climate. Our work creates a space that acts as a gateway between two worlds so that both sides can take maximum advantage, regardless of size and context. We work with companies that are breaking new, bold ground. Companies that care about the well-being of their employees. Companies that still want to be economically successful tomorrow.

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What does Tealfox mean?

TEAL + FOX = TEALFOX                                                  

Teal companies are special companies that work differently from the classic hierarchical corporate model. They are completely self-organized companies in which social goals and purposes play an crucial role. We believe that this type of company has the greatest benefits for employees, leaders and society. Beyond the profit orientation, it is mainly about creating a fulfilling life through work and contributing to an appealing society. We believe that this is an ideal state that not everyone wants or needs to achieve.

The fox stands for cleverness. We do not believe in one method that works for everything. Our approach is to understand each company as an individual system with its own challenges, opportunities and areas for development. Accordingly, each client requires an individual approach, for which we combine different methods to identify and realize the greatest possible effectiveness.

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What does your support look like?

The typical consultant answer is, "It depends". However, it really does depend on the scope of the transformation. A clearly defined concern, such as the implementation of OKRs, requires only selective support, while a large-scale structural and cultural change may require support for one to two years, although on your end, may never really end.

In the process we are not on site with you every day, but we decide together which approach in which framework (individual coaching, team development, workshop, team building, large group events with all employees etc.) is useful at which time. Our claim is to do only as much as is necessary.

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What can we expect from Tealfox and what not?

We have the demand on ourselves to practice what we preach. We will not dogmatically tell you what to do, rather we see ourselves as inspirers, as coaches, as hosts/facilitators for workshops, as mediators in case of tensions, as court jesters to mirror critical issues, as mentors in leadership work and as servant leaders in transformations.

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What kind of experience do you have in this field?

In the last five years, we as Tealfox have accompanied a number of companies that decided to adopt new agile ways. As Mariola and Stella, we bring more than 30 years of experience working in and on organizations.

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Why should we work with Tealfox?

If you like to think unconventionally and test new approaches for your organization, andare seriously willing to evolve, we are the experienced partners at your side.

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How do you manage to achieve sustainable effects?

Our experience is that sustainable effects can be achieved most quickly if we have the opportunity to bring along and empower one or two people internally from the very beginning. We are happy to share all our knowledge, because we think it is important to work as efficiently as possible and only bring into the system what you cannot (yet) do yourself.

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Do you collaborate with partners?

Of course, we are closely connected with a variety of world-class minds and organizations.

Here you can find the list of our NewWork Ecosystem.

You want to collaborate? Then feel free to contact us.

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Is there a possibility to listen to you?

For those interested, we were interviewed on the Intrinsify Podcast.

Many thanks to Lena!

Purpose, Mindset und Gedöns

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Do you also give workshops in English?

Yes, with pleasure and on a colloquial level also in French, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

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