We are Tealfox

We believe that, besides profit orientation, it is all about a fulfilled life through work and the contribution to a sustainable and livable society.

Mariola Wittek Mourao

I’m working for people to realize that their companies are not a matter of course. That they have the power to improve their business, in order to be more effective and content.

Stella Willborn

For me agility is an attitude, not a method, which is closely connected to the fundamental values of our human nature: self-determination, responsibility, appreciation and empathy. In order to anchor this attitude and live above methods, I create the necessary spaces in companies.

Alexander Gebhardt - Euler

My passion, to understand human excellency in all its facets and to individually spark that, constantly spurs me on and finds its main emphasis in the creation of collaborative commitment and my lived conviction of value-based leadership.

Teresa Tänzer

For me coaching is a creative process at eye level between my clients and myself. Thereby I give thought-provoking impulses and suggestions, how my client can fully reach his personal professional potential. The sentence “What is, may be. And what may be, can change” is my tenor as a coach.

Ralph Schmidt

I believe that healthy systems follow a balanced rhythm of Deceleration and Acceleration. In order for people to be able and willing to sustainably develop their potential in organizations, I believe in the importance of aligning working methods with this particular rhythm. For me sustainability than shows in a new quality of efficiency and sense perception.
What kind of clients do you support?

Start-ups and young companies

Start-ups experience fast growth under high pressure. The family-like structure, consisting of the founder and employees from the very beginning, has to be installed with a growing quantity of employees and suitable structures and processes. From our experience, we know that fewer Start-ups pursue a classical top-down hierarchy, but rather look for intelligent organizational systems, in order to develop the most important competitiveness factors (employees, innovation & dynamic).

Mid-sized companies

Mid-sized companies, especially those in the IT-sector, struggle for specialists. Therefore the main task for HR is to recruit talents, to develop them and tie them to the company. The key to that, is an organizational culture that offers a space in which employees can flourish through further development.

Incubators, joint ventures and spin-offs

Lastly, we know the corporate world and understand what it means, when a young system has to be established in a larger organizational climate. Our work creates spaces, which functions as a gate between two worlds, so that both sides gain the maximum benefits.

Regardless of size and context

We work with companies, that explore new, brave ways. Companies, that are concerned about the well-being of their employees. Companies that still want to be economically successful, tomorrow.

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What does Tealfox mean?

TEAL + FOX = TEALFOX                                                  

Teal-companies are particular companies that operate differently than the classic-hierarchical model. They are fully self-organized companies, in which a societal purpose plays a crucial role.                                               

We believe that this type of company adds the greatest benefit to employees, founders and the society. Besides the profit orientation, it is mainly about creating a fulfilled life through work and the contribution to an appealing society. We believe that, this is an ideal state, which not everyone wants or needs to necessarily reach. 

The fox stands for cleverness. We don’t believe in the one method, which works for everything. Our approach is to understand every company as an individual system with its own challenges, chances and development areas. Therefore every client needs an individual approach, for which we combine different methods, in order to identify and operate the greatest source of leverage.

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What does your assistance look like?

The typical consultant reply is”it depends”. However it really does depend on the extent of the transformation. A clearly defined matter, for example the implementation of objectives and key results (OKRs) only needs selective development, while a large-scale structural and cultural transition can demand one to two years of support (and on your end, may never really end.)

In the process, we are not daily physically with you, but are deciding collectively which approach, in which setting (individual coaching, team development, workshop, teambuilding, large group event with all employees etc.), in which timing could be useful. Our guideline here is to only do as much as is really needed.

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What can we expect from Tealfox and what not?

We have the demand on ourselves to practice what we preach. We won’t dogmatically prescribe you what to do. We rather see ourselves as an inspiration, as coaches, hosts/moderators for workshops, as mediators in the case of tension, as jesters when mirroring critical topics, as mentors for leadership work and servant leaders for your transformation.

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What kind of experience do you have in this field?

In the past four years as tealfox we provided intense support for a range of companies to explore “agile” new ways. As Mariola and Stella we bring along more than 30 years of experience in the work in and especially with organizations.

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For what reasons should we work with Tealfox?

If you want to think unconventional and put new approaches for your organization to the test, with the genuine willingness to further develop, we are the experienced attendants on your side.

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How do you manage to realize sustainable effects?

Our experience is that sustainable effects result the fastest, when we are able to take along and enable one to two people internally from the very beginning. We are happy share our whole knowledge, because we think it is important to work maximally efficient and only add that to the system, which you can’t do yourself (yet).

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Do you collaborate with partners?

Of course, we are closely-linked to a variety of outstanding people and organizations

Here you find the list of our NewWork Ecosystem.

You want to collaborate? Then gladly get in touch with us.

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Is there a possibility to listen to you?

Whoever is interested, recently we were interviewed in the intrinsify podcast.

Many thanks to Lena!

Purpose, Mindset und Gedöns

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Do you give workshops and coachings in english?

Yes,  verhy happy to do workshop in English and also in French, Polish and Spanish.

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