Organizational design is more than job titles and organizational charts

As soon as companies decide to take action, change in their culture or structure is often overdue.
With quick wins, we help corporations integrate an agile approach and ensure sustainable change.

The way we work

An effective organizational design requires letting go of old patterns while simultaneously starting fresh. This process is unique for each company and may be exhausting and even painful - yet at the same time joyful, creative and fulfilling. We are happy to be part of this.

We keep the preliminary analysis short

That's why we think that quick, iterative change and retrospectives are more effective than long, dedicated planning sessions.Unlike many traditional consultancies, we keep the preliminary analysis phase short. We use 1:1 interviews and team retrospectives. Experience has taught us: the fastest way to find out how you react to change is to bring in change. At the same time, it is only by doing that you will find out if the way you are going is beneficial for you.

We only take care of the things you can’t do yourselves

For us co-creation with your teams is not a nice-to-have, but essential. From the beginning we work with teams and departments and understand ourselves as midwives, to support the development of new ideas and approaches. We know that there is great creative potential in all companies, which can be awakened through collaborative work.

Individual coaching for people with a lot of influence in the system is non-negotiable

There are few things we postulate, because we know that every company is unique. There is only one exception: we require individual coaching for managing directors, executives and future leaders. Our experience has shown that this approach is extremely effective. And if it's not done, it often blocks the entire process.

In only three months, companies often manage to create meaningful change

We work in two to three months-sprints interrupted by breaks for reflecting. That way we break down large projects in feasible next steps. This approach helps with eliminating waste and further developing the things that do work. We work with you on-site or remotely in workshops, trainings and coachings.

We are 100% agnostic

In organizational development every quarter, there is a new method or framework published as THE thing to do. What sets us apart is the fact that we not only know one model or a few tools. Instead, it is a secret passion of ours to take frameworks and tools apart and adapt them according to the needs of the companies. We love to think outside the box and only use what fits the specific company culture.

How we look at companies

An organizational design, which helps your company to evolve, emerges through a customized mix of four driving forces. Our expertise lies in working with you to design the right mix for you.

Attitude, upbringing, values, mindset

The human-being with its attitudes, experiences, values and mindset

Knowledge, abilities, behavior, skills

Abilities and behavior that people in companies have or still must acquire

Processes, structure

The organization of work through processes, structures and strategies

Togetherness, culture, community

The sense of belonging in the company, the social glue, the culture of togetherness and community

How we start

Time is too valuable to spend it on slides for detailed proposals. We start with getting to know each other, whether remote or on-site and get straight to work. Contact us now for a first meeting.
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